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Bureau Of Labor Statistics Identifies Top Dangerous Industries In Georgia For Workers


Although a worker can get injured in practically any job, there are just some jobs that are more dangerous for workers than others. Jobs that involve worker exposure to extreme temperatures, heights, sharp objects, slippery surfaces, and high speeds all contribute to a workplace rife with hazards that might seriously injure workers. Unfortunately, Decatur, and Georgia generally, is not immune to dangerous workplaces and Decatur workers are injured on the job frequently, or sometimes even lose their lives. In fact, in 2020, 193 Georgia workers lost their lives on the job, up from 101 deaths in 2012.

To shed light on worker safety issues in Georgia, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a governmental agency that conducts fact-finding to analyze America’s labor and economic statistics, produced a report regarding worker deaths in Georgia in 2020. Critical to the report’s findings are the top industries in which Georgia workers lost their lives in 2020.

Most Dangerous Industry for Workers in Georgia # 1: Transportation and Warehousing

The transportation and warehousing industry keeps Decatur residents and Georgians moving and gets cargo from place to place for Georgians to use. The BLS study reports that in 2020, the private transportation and warehousing industry had the highest number of worker deaths in Georgia. The total number of Georgia worker deaths in the transportation and warehouse industry was 39 in 2020, which is an increase of 14 deaths from 2019. The BLS notes that 32 of the 39 deaths in the transportation and warehousing industry in Georgia resulted from transportation incidents, meaning that this is a particularly dangerous area for workers within the industry.

Most Dangerous Industry for Workers in Georgia #2: Construction

The BLS defines the construction sector as consisting of “establishments primarily engaged in the construction of buildings or engineering projects (e.g., highways and utility systems). Establishments primarily engaged in the preparation of sites for new construction and establishments primarily engaged in subdividing land for sale as building sites also are included in this sector.” According to the BLS, the private construction industry in Georgia experienced 37 worker deaths in 2020, which is, fortunately, a decrease from 47 worker deaths in 2019. The BLS notes that the most fatal area for workers within the industry is in specialty trade contracting, which accounted for 46% of worker deaths within the industry in Georgia in 2020.

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