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Decatur Foot & Ankle Injury Lawyer

The human body has 206 bones, and 52 of them are in the feet. The foot is a complex part of the human anatomy, with each foot consisting of 26 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 tendons, ligaments, and muscles. With such a complex system, injury to the foot or ankle is likely to also be complex. Getting the right diagnosis is critical to getting the right kind of treatment. Your employer’s workers’ comp carrier might be more concerned with what this testing and treatment will cost and the long-term effects of your injury than with seeing you get the right level of care. They even want to control which doctor you see for your injury.

A workers’ compensation attorney is an independent voice whose only interest is in seeing that you get the medical care and workers’ comp benefits you need and deserve. A workers’ comp lawyer knows the law and what the insurance company can and can’t do. If you’ve suffered a foot or ankle injury at work in Decatur, call the O’Connell Law Firm for a free consultation about your claim. If you are wondering whether your check is the right amount or how to go about settling your case, our experienced and professional Decatur workers’ compensation attorneys have the answers and can assist you throughout the process.

Foot and Ankle Injuries in Decatur Workplaces

Foot and ankle injuries occur in many different ways on the job. The foot can be injured in a fall from heights, crushed by a falling object or in a collapsing trench, or backed over by a forklift. A foot or ankle injury can occur from something as trivial as a trip or fall down the steps or on broken or uneven pavement, or while running in the line of duty as a law enforcement officer or first responder. Injuries on the job deserve to be compensated with workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, you don’t have a choice. Workers can’t sue their employer for an injury; they rely on worker’s comp for medical care and wage loss benefits when they are hurt on the job.

Foot and ankle injuries on the job in Decatur can include, among others:

  • Ankle fracture
  • Stress fracture
  • Tibia (lower leg) fracture
  • Calcaneus (heel) fracture
  • Peroneal tendon tear
  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis

Anatomy of an Ankle Injury

A separate body structure from the foot, the ankle involves the conjunction of three major bones: the tibia and fibula from the lower leg and the talus from the foot. The ankle joint lies at the intersection of these three bones, while the syndesmosis joint involves the tibia, fibula and several ligaments. The ankle is a complex system that can sustain an injury when broken, twisted, sprained or struck by an object.

Treatment for an ankle injury varies. It can range from RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for a sprain, a cast or brace for a simple fracture, surgery for a displaced fracture, to bone grafts for a joint that has been indented or impacted. Ankle fracture surgeries sometimes require implanting screws, rods and plates inside the bone or on the surface of the bone.

Even a nondisplaced ankle fracture can take six weeks to heal; surgical repairs obviously take much longer. During much of this time, it’s essential for proper healing to stay off the injured foot, which for some employees can keep them at home or on a restricted duty assignment. Workers with ankle injuries also find themselves at an increased risk of cartilage damage and arthritis.

Getting the Right Treatment for Your Foot or Ankle Injury

Getting the proper level of care begins with an accurate diagnosis of the medical condition. For a foot or ankle injury, the diagnosis will often involve x-rays, MRIs or bone scans. Often, the insurance company doesn’t want to approve this testing because they don’t want to bear the cost and they don’t want you to know just how serious the injury may be. In these situations, an experienced Decatur workers’ compensation attorney at the O’Connell Law Firm can help ensure you get the proper diagnosis followed by the appropriate medical care. Treatment for a foot or ankle injury could potentially include:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Open Surgery
  • Ligament repair
  • Tendon repair
  • Pain management
  • Rest and rehabilitation

Get the Help You Need from Workers’ Compensation for a Foot or Ankle Injury in Decatur

Multiple fractures or torn ligaments can force you off your foot and keep you out of work or on light-duty until you are healed. Broken bones or joint damage could send you to an orthopedic surgeon for critical care. Often, your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier doesn’t want to approve the referral to a specialist or sign-off on the doctor’s recommended treatment. Regardless of what the insurance company thinks, you have the right to proper diagnosis and treatment. Your health should be your (and their) number one consideration/concern, followed by getting the monetary benefits you are entitled to under Georgia workers’ compensation law.

For help getting benefits for a foot or ankle injury in a Decatur workplace accident, call the Decatur workers’ compensation attorneys of the O’Connell Law Firm at 404-410-0034. Your initial consultation is free, and we’ll take your case on a contingency basis, where we only charge a fee if we are successful on your behalf.

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