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Mining Worker Dies in Montana Mining Accident, Work Stopped at Platinum and Palladium Mine


Mining work is some of the most dangerous work out there. With hazards ranging from explosions to cave-ins, equipment-injuries to falls, and lung damage to injuries by heavy equipment, mining certainly presents a high-risk of serious injury and even death to mining workers across the United States and even the world. Indeed, when a mining accident happens, it is often catastrophic in nature. Unfortunately, such was the case earlier this week when a mining worker in Nye, Montana was killed in a serious machinery accident.

According to local reports, on Monday, November 13, a contract worker working at the Stillwater Mine in Nye was bolting up panels in order to prevent rocks from falling in an area being prepared for future mining operations when he was killed in what is described by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration as a “machinery accident”. The worker is reported to have been in a mountain at an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level when he was killed, but no further details have been released by Stillwater Mine or federal mine safety officials. This was not the first death at the Stillwater Mine in recent years. In fact, in June, 2021, two other employees died at the Stillwater Mine due to a side-by-side vehicle collision with an underground train. The Stillwater Mine is owned by South African company Sibanye, and is said to be one of the two platinum and palladium mines in the U.S., along with the East Boulder Mine, which is located nearby. Federal mine and safety officials and local mine officials are investigating the horrific worker death. The worker’s name and place of residence have not yet been released to the public.

Help for the Families of Workers Killed in Decatur, Georgia

In Decatur, when a worker is killed in a catastrophic workplace accident, certain dependent surviving members of their family may be entitled to important worker’s compensation death benefits under Georgia workers’ compensation laws. Although of course nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, Georgia workers’ compensation benefits help certain dependent family members with financial benefits to help them survive after they have lost a loved one. In Decatur, workers’ compensation death benefits may include lost wages, funeral expenses, medical expense reimbursement, and other important financial benefits for families. If you are interested in finding out whether you are entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits in Decatur, it is always best to speak with an experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyer about your rights and options as soon as possible.

A Law Firm to Turn to in Decatur – Decatur Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyers at the O’Connell Law Firm help Decatur families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents get workers’ compensation death benefits due. The O’Connell Law Firm offers a free and confidential consultation to learn about your case and to see if they can help fight for you. Contact the O’Connell Law firm today and speak to a lawyer about your rights and options for free.



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