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Can I set my workers’ compensation weekly check for direct deposit?

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It is a problem that has occurred for a countless number of our clients over the years: their weekly workers’ compensation check does not arrive on schedule.

It is beyond frustrating, especially when rent is due, a car payment must be made, or you just need to buy groceries for your family.

Sometimes the check is late because the mail is thrown off by a long holiday weekend. Often the check is late because a claims adjuster simply forgot to send it out. But these days mail delivery itself is increasingly unreliable because the post office is underfunded:

New York Times: Is The Mail Getting Slower?

Fortunately, many workers’ compensation insurance companies are offering direct deposit options for weekly workers’ compensation checks. One major company that offers direct deposits of checks is Travelers Insurance. If you are an injured worker who has a workers compensation claim with Travelers you can simply register your claim at the below website and set up electronic payments:

Travelers Insurance Direct Deposit Set Up Link

If you have a workers’ compensation claim with an insurance company other than Travelers, you may still be able to set up direct deposit, depending on whether the particular insurance company offers it as an option. If you have question about your claim or have issues with your weekly check, please reach out to us at the O’Connell Law Firm.

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