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Texas UPS Mail Worker Killed in Horrific Trash Compactor Accident


While some jobs present very well-known workplace hazards, such as construction work, agricultural work, manufacturing work, and other labor and machine-intensive jobs, some occupations present workplace hazards that most people may never even think about. One of those jobs is working in mail and delivery, a critical part of the transportation and warehouse industry. While most Decatur residents likely see the front-end of the delivery system – that is, drivers jumping out of trucks to delivery packages and United States Postal workers making their rounds with bags of letters and mail – what most people do not see is the behind-the-scenes work that makes the system flow. Indeed, unfortunately, even working with letters and packages for delivery can be a very dangerous job, and mail and delivery workers are at risk of serious injury and even death. Unfortunately, one such fatal accident happened this week in Texas at a UPS facility.

According to local news reports, Fox 4 News, on the morning of Thursday, May 16, at around 11:00 a.m., Dallas Fire-Rescue Urban Search and Rescue teams responded to a workplace accident at the UPS Facility located on Monroe Drive in Dallas, Texas. The accident was reportedly caused when a male worker fell into a trash compactor at the facility. When the first responders arrived, they were unsure about whether he was still alive, or if he had passed away. However, unfortunately, the male worker ultimately succumbed to his injuries and he died as a result of the accident. UPS spokespersons said of the horrific and fatal accident at their Dallas facility, “We are saddened to hear of the accident involving a vendor for UPS this morning in Dallas. We’re working with authorities to investigate.” Information and details about the terrible and untimely death of the worker are still yet to be released, including his name and identity. In the meantime, Dallas law enforcement authorities are investigating the workplace accident.

Justice for Injured Workers in Decatur, Georgia

As the terrible recent worker death at the Dallas UPS facility demonstrates, serious workplace accidents can happen in virtually any workplace, to any worker, at any time. Even jobs that seem to be free from workplace hazards may have hidden health and safety risks that workers and the public may not know about. Fortunately, in Decatur, most workers who are injured on the job and who are unable to work their regular job, due to their injuries, are entitled to important Georgia workers’ compensation benefits to help them financially until they can return to work. In order to determine whether you may be entitled to Georgia workers’ compensation benefits in Decatur, it is best to speak with an experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyer about your rights and options.

The experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyers at the O’Connell Law Firm are here to help Decatur workers get workers’ compensation due for their workplace injuries. Contact the experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyers at the O’Connell Law Firm today and speak to an experienced lawyer about your case now.



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