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Decatur Workers’ Compensation Benefits May See Overhaul As Georgia House Votes To Raise Benefits


As the cost of living and inflated prices hit Americans hard after the COVID-19 Pandemic, Decatur residents may be pleased to learn that Georgia lawmakers are taking measures to raise workers’ compensation benefit payments. Earlier this month the Georgia House of Representatives made a significant move towards increasing workers’ compensation benefits for those eligible within the state. During this legislative session, Representative Lehman Franklin, a Republican from Statesboro, and other Georgia House of Representatives legislators sponsored what is known as House Bill 480, a piece of legislation that would increase certain Georgia workers’ compensation benefits, in particular maximum workers’ compensation payments amounts and workers’ compensation benefits payments to dependent spouses. Here is how the new legislation may change workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia in the near future:

  • Temporary Partial Disability Maximum Payments: Temporary Partial Disability benefits are typically paid out to those eligible Decatur workers who have been injured on the job to the extent that they can still work, but make less money due to limitations from their workplace injury. For example, an injured worker may be able to work, but cannot work as many hours or in the same job that they were doing prior to their workplace injury. Under the Georgia workers’ compensation laws currently in place, the Temporary Total Disability Maximum payment is $483 per week, which would be raised to $533 per week if HB 480 is signed into law.
  • Temporary Total Disability Maximum Payments: When a worker is injured on the job to the extent that they cannot work at all, they may be eligible for Temporary Total Disability Benefits under Georgia workers’ compensation laws. Under the laws that are currently on the books in Georgia, injured workers may receive up to $725 per week if they are granted Temporary Total Disability benefits. That weekly maximum payment would increase to $800 per week, if the legislation passes.
  • Total Compensation for Surviving Spouses: Under Georgia workers’ compensation laws, in Decatur, certain dependents of workers tragically killed on the job may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, such as money compensation to replace lost wages and funeral and burial costs. The current cap on total compensation for surviving dependents is $290,000, which would be increased to $320,000 total, if the new legislation makes it to the Governor’s desk for signing into law. Importantly, these types of benefits would terminate if and when the surviving spouse remarries.

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