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Workers’ Compensation Claims Involving FedEx, Amazon, And UPS


Look outside your window at any given moment, and you are likely to see a delivery truck for FedEx, Amazon, or UPS driving by. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020, online shopping has accelerated at an incredible pace, and the number of orders being fulfilled and delivered everyday has skyrocketed. UPS has its world headquarters in the Metro Atlanta area, Amazon is building another massive warehouse that will be near the Gwinnett-Dekalb County lines, and FedEx has a giant presence in Georgia as well.

All of this activity means that these companies employ thousands of workers in Georgia. Before any package can be delivered to someone’s front door, it is first moved along by package handlers, dockworkers, forklift drivers, fulfillment center workers, and truck drivers.

Because of increased demand, FedEx, Amazon, and UPS are working at full capacity, and seem to be continually hiring new workers. Sometimes they even use temp workers that are brought in through staffing agencies. And with all of these workers hustling to make deliveries on time, it is inevitable that some of them will have work accidents. Fortunately, the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act covers anyone who is working for one of these big companies and who suffers a work-related injury in Georgia.

In the past year the O’Connell Law Firm has successfully represented people who have been hurt on the job in the delivery industry. We have represented both warehouse workers who have hurt their shoulders lifting boxes and delivery drivers who were involved in car accidents. If you have hurt yourself while working for FedEx, Amazon, or UPS and you have questions about what workers’ compensation benefits you may be eligible to receive, call the O’Connell Law Firm today at 404-410-0034.

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