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Curious about What Happens if You are Injured on Your First Day of Work? Here’s What You Should Know


Although it may sound like a remote possibility, or the worst luck ever, the truth is that workers in Decatur are injured on the job every day, and sometimes that day might be the first day of work. Indeed, from jobs that present clear hazards – such as construction work and agricultural work – to jobs with less obvious dangers – such as secretarial and retail work – jobs across virtually all industries in Decatur present a risk to workers of injury. But what happens if a Decatur worker is injured on the first day of work and, worse still, what happens if the workplace injury disables them from working at all? Here’s what you need to know.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Decatur, Georgia – Help for Injured Workers

Fortunately, most workers in Decatur who are injured on the job and who are disabled from work have options. Under Georgia Workers’ Compensation laws, most Decatur workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help them treat their workplace injury, provide financial support for them while they are unable to work, and to get them back on their feet and to their regular jobs. In Decatur, under Georgia workers’ compensation laws, workers’ compensation benefits include things like wage replacement compensation, medical expense reimbursement, vocational rehabilitation services, and more. In sum, when a worker is injured in Decatur and the injury is serious enough that it disables the worker either temporarily or permanently from work, the worker can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Length of Employment and Workers’ Compensation Benefits – a Disabling Injury on Day 1

So, what happens, then, if a Decatur worker is injured the first day that they step foot on the job? The answer may surprise you: Decatur workers who are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits (which includes most workers, with some exceptions) are covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance from the first day on the job. This means that Decatur workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for a disabling workplace injury, even if it is their first day at work.

Legal Help Obtaining Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Decatur

While there is much good news when it comes to workers’ compensation in Decatur, there are some difficulties that injured workers in Decatur may experience when it comes to trying to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation claims are routinely initially denied in Decatur, and injured workers may be required to take additional steps to get their workers’ compensation claim approved. Accordingly, it is advisable for an injured worker in Decatur to speak to an experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible after a workplace injury has occurred to learn about their rights and options.

If you were injured on the job in Decatur and you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits, contact the O’Connell Law Firm. The experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyers at the O’Connell Law Firm offer a free and confidential consultation to learn about your workplace injury and to see if they can help fight to get you benefits due. Contact the O’Connell Law Firm today and speak to an experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyer about your rights for free.

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