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Did Your Employer or Employer’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Request an IME? If so, Here’s What You Need to Know about IME Basics in Decatur


Injured Decatur workers may be surprised and anxious when they receive a notice to attend an IME in their Decatur workers’ compensation case. After filing a workers’ compensation claim, an IME may be the next step for an injured worker to take, and the process can seem daunting and mysterious. The reality is that an IME is an important appointment that has the potential to impact an injured worker’s entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits. For that reason, it is important for Decatur workers to understand the purpose of an IME in the context of a Decatur workers’ compensation case. To help injured Decatur workers better understand what anIME is so they can prepare for one, we have put together this short FAQ on Decatur IME basics.

What is an IME in a Decatur Workers’ Compensation Case?

“IME” is an acronym for “Independent Medical Examination”. An IME is an examination by a doctor that can be requested under Georgia workers’ compensation laws by the injured workers’ employer or the employer’s insurance company if they dispute the injured workers’ doctor’s opinion about the injured worker’s workplace injury.

Is the IME Doctor on My Side?

While the IME doctor is supposed to provide a neutral third-party opinion about the extent of your workplace injury in the context of your workers’ compensation case, the truth is that IME doctors are hired by workers’ compensation insurance companies and are, unfortunately, known to be potentially biased against injured workers because workers’ compensation companies have an interest in not paying out workers’ compensation claims.

Does an IME Doctor Know My Case Well?

An IME doctor is not your regular doctor, and will likely only examine you once after reviewing only the medical records at hand. It is best to assume that the IME doctor does not know your particular case or workplace injury well, and to plan and prepare accordingly.

Will the IME’s Opinion Become a Part of My Workers’ Compensation Case?

Yes. Even though the IME may not know your case well, the IME’s opinion can and will likely be used as evidence in your workers’ compensation case. The IME will also most likely be used to support the employer’s or the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company’s position that you are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

How Can I Best Prepare for My Decatur Workers’ Compensation IME?

The best way to prepare for a workers’ compensation IME in Decatur is to first consult with an experienced and skilled Decatur workers’ compensation lawyer. An experienced Decatur workers’ compensation lawyer can help guide you through the IME process and best prepare you for your IME. It is important to remember that the best policy is to always tell the truth, but be aware that the IME may use your words against you.

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